Foundations of Clinical Medicine

Launched in 2018 by UVA School of Medicine, Foundations of Clinical Medicine (FCM) 1 is an 18-month longitudinal course led by physician coaches and non-physician co-mentors engaging patients, standardized patients, and simulation to introduce and foster clinical skills. FCM-1 aims to develop history taking, relationship building, physical examination, differential diagnosis, and diagnostic reasoning skills through small group, case-based exercises. FCM-1 is the pre-clerkship portion of the larger FCM program, a novel 4-year long curriculum focused on professional identity formation. The time students spend in FCM creates their foundation as a physician. Within the UVA School of Medicine curriculum, morning lectures concern themselves primarily with basic science knowledge. The practice of medicine—both the science and the art in all of its subtleties—is the focus of FCM.

FCM-1 had a successful first year in large part due to a number of hospitalists who serve as physician coaches: Becky Kenner, MD; Ben Sneed, MD; Chris Moore, MD; Rahul Mehta, MD; Glenn Moulder, MD; Greg Young, MD; and Andrew Parsons, MD who also directs the FCM-1 course.

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