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January 12, 2023 by

The Less You Judge, the Better You Sleep: The Benefits of Mindfulness and Forgiveness for Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Rumination can play an important role in sleep problems, including insomnia and poor sleep quality.  Mindfulness and forgiveness can contribute to decreased rumination.  In this study, the investigators evaluated the role of rumination as a factor underlying the association of mindfulness and forgiveness with sleep problems.  A total of 100 adults (74% women, mean age 28) completed measures assessing mindfulness, forgivingness, rumination, sleep quality, and insomnia.  Both forgiveness and the nonjudging factor of mindfulness contributed significantly to better sleep quality.  The association of nonjudgmental attitude with sleep quality was largely explained by differences in rumination, which also partially explained the association of forgiveness and sleep quality. The authors concluded that “A mindful nonjudgmental attitude toward the self and a forgiving interpersonal disposition may reduce rumination by helping individuals let go of thoughts, mental images, and emotions, thus promoting better sleep.”

Ioverno S, Pallini S, Farina F, Lizzadro F, Barcaccia B. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic 2022; 86: 324-338.

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