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May 26, 2022 by

Self-Compassion and Coping

 Self-compassion, a positive and caring attitude toward oneself, can contribute to positive coping in stressful situations.  These authors analyzed the relationship between self-compassion and different forms of positive and negative coping based on the results of 136 prior studies including 38,913 participants.  They found a positive association between self-compassion and adaptive coping and a negative association between self-compassion and maladaptive coping.  The authors concluded that self-compassion is important for understanding the mechanisms involved in coping with stress and demanding life events.  The strongest association they identified was between increased self-compassion and decreased maladaptive coping.

Ewert C, Vater A, Schröder-Abé M. Mindfulness 2021; 12:1063–1077.

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