March 25, 2022 by

By John Schorling

Spring, a season of renewal, has arrived.  Renewal can mean to be renewed: to make like new; to restore to freshness and vigor.  This spring has an added sense of renewal as we emerge from yet another Covid surge and hope once again that this may be the last.

Spring can provide an opportunity to find ways to restore freshness and vigor to our lives.  We might slow down to really notice what is occurring in the natural world, becoming aware of changes in the weather, of flowers or trees blooming, of the sounds of birds.  We might take this opportunity to renew relationships with family and friends, especially those that may have been affected by Covid.  We might renew our commitment to practicing mindfulness, perhaps setting aside time to meditate regularly.

To renew can also be to begin again.  We may have opportunities now to start engaging in activities that have been interrupted by the pandemic.  Beginning again is also a fundamental principle of mindfulness.  Each moment is an opportunity to begin again.  When we meditate and the mind wanders, each time we notice that it has wandered is an opportunity to begin again, to return our focus to the breath or to whatever object we have chosen to anchor the attention.  In daily life we can also practice beginning again, noticing when we get caught up in thoughts and returning our attention to the present moment.

We can also cultivate appreciation for spring and these opportunities for renewal.  And given how difficult the past two years have been, we can practice kindness and compassion for ourselves and others, acknowledging that it’s been hard without judging how we or others may have responded.

May we all have the  opportunity for renewal and beginning again in this spring.

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