Research Update

October 26, 2018 by

A common definition of mindfulness is “intentional present moment nonjudgmental awareness”.  This study analyzed which facets of mindfulness best predicted depression and anxiety.  Two-hundred seventy-four community adults were assessed in the domains of depression, anxiety, rumination, worry, and mindfulness using the Five Factor Mindfulness Scale. Regression analyses showed that, among the facets of mindfulness, a nonjudgemental attitude towards one’s thoughts and feelings was the strongest predictor of having fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Acting with awareness was also significantly associated with less depression and anxiety.  This study supports the importance of cultivating a normalizing, accepting, nonjudgmental attitude to decrease anxiety and depression symptoms and to foster wellbeing.

Barcaccia B, et al. Personality and Individual Differences. 138(1):33-39, 2018.

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