Brodie Resident Clinician Awardees

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(left to right) Dr. Jackie Brown, Dr. Stephanie Hodges, Dr. Benjamin Simson, and Dr. Sarah Larkin Evans.


The Anne L. Brodie Medical Fund Committee annually recognizes a single resident in each of the primary care disciplines with the Brodie Resident Clinician Award. This award recognizes resident physicians who demonstrate clinical excellence in primary care and serve as a model for peers and medical students at the University of Virginia by taking personal and primary responsibility for all of their patients’ needs.

This year’s inspirational awardees are:

Dr. Jackie Brown (General Medicine)
“Jackie is gracious, caring, thorough, compassionate, and has been since her first month at [University Medical Associates]. She sets the standard for these Brodie criteria in her class. As an intern, she dealt with one of the most exasperating family situations that I can EVER recall at UMA and UVA, with more skill, poise, insight, compassion, and most of all, patient-centeredness. She is truly a role model and the most deserving in this class.”

Dr. Sarah Larkin Evans (OBGYN)
“[Sarah] is compassionate, thorough, and skilled in the routine care as well as the complex visits. She treats those around her with respect whether it is the staff or the patient. It is a joy to work alongside her as she manages her clinic/unit load.”

Dr. Stephanie Hodges (Family Medicine)
Stephanie is one of the most compassionate physicians and the most committed to her patients. She is frequently found going above and beyond at all hours of the day and night to deliver the best care possible. Regardless of how busy she is, she always has the best interest of her patients in mind.”

Dr. Benjamin Simson (Pediatrics)
“I think many residents look up to Ben. … He cares so much about his patients and always has a smile on his face, even on busy/hard days. He is kind to not only his patients and their families, but also to his co-residents and other staff with whom we work every day. He is a great teacher to the more junior residents and to the medical students as well. He is clearly committed to primary care, and I think he deserves to win this award!”

Please join us in congratulating these model clinicians!

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