Feedback From a Recent Mindfulness class!

April 27, 2017 by School of Medicine Webmaster

“…the MBSR course was wonderful. I actually changed a couple of ‘habits’ I had at work; not only am I noticing the change, so are others.

For example…

  • Leaving work for my full 45min to eat lunch by the windows.
  • Allowing time to walk outside, even if for a minute, to breath in fresh air.
  • Noticing when I am becoming stressed, taking a moment to step back and take a deep breath.  I have been working with others to incorporate a better pathway when stress arises…which is hourly.
  • Confronting coworkers in a respectful manner when I believe ineffective communication is taking place.  I used to get worked up, but now I can feel when I’m getting annoyed and address the person at hand respectfully.
  • Telling coworkers ‘thank you’ and ‘nice job’ more to help encourage teamwork/ self worth.
  • Understanding what I have control of and what I have to ‘let go’

I’ve been using meditation/ gratitude practice/ body scans in my teaching for stress reduction.

I have ‘turned’ others on to MBSR and the wonderful benefits.

I now talk about better practices for stress and anxiety…with the idea that anxiety doesn’t have to define us.

The list is endless…thank you.”


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