Finding Your Inner Strength: Finding You

December 28, 2016 by School of Medicine Webmaster

In late November 2014 I moved to different level of finding my inner strength; this was the time period of re-discovering my path in life.  I started recognizing through mindfulness techniques the triggers that led to an eating disorder which left me feeling depressed despite the brief euphoria felt immediately following the consumption of food.  Through mindfulness techniques I realized there was a strong place within myself to gain control.  Initially this was not a normal practice for me, but through consistent dedication mindfulness taught me that we all have a place of strength and peace within despite the chaos that surrounds us.

The holidays are a time of gathering with family and friends; it is also a true test of your inner strength, not just for food choices but in maintaining daily inner peace.  Throughout the year 2016 I found that maintaining my weight loss was not just about being mindful of food choices but it included being mindful of my actions that triggered the choices.  It has now been one and half years since reducing my weight by 58lb.  At the close of part one of the Finding Your Inner Strength article posted in November 2015, I stated that maintaining the weight loss has become a natural way of life for me and one of the truest tests of this was during the holiday season.

As an ordained Deacon in my church I am actively attending events and church services on a regular basis.  Some of these gatherings include food.  I attended events that include people and an atmosphere that caters to food consumption.  This was a challenge that I was prepared to face, by now mindfulness was second nature, as it has become a part of who I am.  The food prepared and presented before me was no longer a struggle to resist but rather it was seen as an option of how much and what I choose to consume.  Mindfulness reinforces the calm within to remind anyone that food is for nourishment and consumption is to energize our bodies, not to make us feel miserable as a result.  Therefore we make the choice as to what we will consume and how much with awareness of the moment.  I have discovered other strengths about me over this past year, strengths that I did not know existed until I became aware in the moment.  Mindfulness not only improves your physical health it will enhance your overall experience of finding you.

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