Benefits of Mindfulness-Based Cancer Recovery for Breast Cancer Survivors

June 30, 2016 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Researchers from the University of Calgary conducted a study of the impact of a program based on mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindfulness-based cancer recovery (MBCR), among 252 breast cancer survivors.  In this randomized trial, they compared MBCR to another well-validated program, supportive expressive group therapy (SET).   They found that women in the MBCR group reported greater reduction in mood disturbance and stress symptoms than those participating in SET, and greater improvement in quality of life and spirituality.  Most of these benefits were maintained for 12 months.  In particular, they found that individuals who participated in MBCR experienced greater post-traumatic growth (the ability to appreciate life, find meaning and purpose, and see new possibilities from their experience) over time than those who participated in SET, and concluded that the benefits of MBCR continue to develop even after completing the program.

Carlson LE, et al.  Randomized-controlled trial of mindfulness-based cancer recovery versus supportive expressive group therapy among distressed breast cancer survivors (MINDSET): long-term follow-up results.  Published on-line in Psycho-Oncology

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