The First Interoperable, Automated Insulin Dosing System

Sue Brown, MD

Stacey Anderson, MD

Dr Sue Brown and Dr Stacey Anderson, in collaboration with other members of the Center for Diabetes Technology (CDT), have pursued a path to advance the use of technology, including analytics, to allow improved management, monitoring, and therapies for patients with Type 1 Diabetes as well as Type 2 Diabetes. CDT is a recognized world leader in the technological treatment of diabetes and the hub of an international research network of leading U.S. institutions (Harvard/Joslin, Stanford, Yale, Mayo Clinic, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Sansum Diabetes Care) and worldwide groups in Italy, France, Holland, and Argentina. In this past year, Dr Sue Brown and Dr Stacey Anderson in collaboration with Boris Kovatchev had led major initiatives to complete the three longest and largest multi-center clinical trials on the use of automated insulin delivery. Dr Brown published a landmark trial in the New England Journal of Medicine in October 2019, demonstrating improved glycemic outcomes of automated insulin delivery system compared to using an insulin pump with glucose monitoring alone. These data served as the basis for ultimate FDA approval of the new device which represents the first of its kind “interoperable automated insulin dosing controller that automatically adjusts insulin delivery by connecting to an alternate controller-enabled insulin pump and integrated continuous glucose monitor”. Patients have expressed their gratitude and JDRF described it as “a huge win for the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community and a critical step forward in making day-to-day life better for people living with the disease.”. The new system will be implemented in our Advanced Diabetes Management clinic so more patients can benefit.

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