Hospital Medicine Staff Profile – Travis Key

Jacoby and Travis

Why Healthcare?
I didn’t set out to work in healthcare but when I started as a Health Unit Coordinator; I realized how comfortable I am in the environment and it felt like a “good fit”.

What brought you to Charlottesville?
I am proud to say, I was born and raised in the Fifeville neighborhood of Charlottesville. I’ve seen Charlottesville grow so much in my lifetime. I love looking at the old pictures of how things have changed. Great memories!

What excites you about your work?
I like that no two days are the same. I couldn’t imagine doing the same thing over and over, every day. I also work with a great team of people in Division of General, Geriatric, Palliative & Hospital Medicine!

Proudest/greatest achievement outside the professional realm?
I know its cliché but my son Jacoby makes me the proudest mother ever! He has warmed my heart since I first laid eyes on him. I can’t explain the love in words, I can only feel it.

Also, going back to college in 2008 and earning my Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2010, while working full time and being a single parent. It wasn’t easy but definitely worth it!

Next life?
I will just be thankful for another life!

Jacoby and Travis

What are you usually doing on the weekend?
Retail therapy with friends and family! Followed by a good meal. We love to visit new restaurants!

Favorite vacation/activity spot?
No particular place. As long as I can relax, it’s a vacation!

Most admired person, and why?
My parents! There were a lot of us and they worked hard and sacrificed for us. There was always plenty of love. As a parent now, I definitely admire everything they instilled in us and I definitely incorporate it in my parenting.

Best advice anyone ever gave you?
Treat others, as you want to be treated!
Coming from a big family, my mother was adamant that we all treated each other with kindness; it was that way or no way!

What about you would surprise us?
Sorry, I’m pretty much an open book, no surprises!

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