Message from the Chair – November 2019 Medicine Matters Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of Medicine Matters. Last week, the Department’s leadership team presented our annual review to the School of Medicine. This is a good time to reflect on whether we met our collective goals for the year and to think about how we can improve. Typically, during these reviews we focus on financial data as well as mission-specific data regarding our performance in clinical, research and educational endeavors. I was so proud to present this information as I strongly believe that the Department is an institutional leader in all areas. We continually out-perform budget, we represent approximately 25% of all clinical activity in the health system and nearly 35% of all research activity. We provide the majority of student teaching with accolades from learners year after year. We have developed novel clinical, research and educational programs. We have published over 800 peer-reviewed publications last year! We are approaching nearly 1 million RVUs in productivity. Simply summarized, we are awesome!

Now, that does not mean we can rest on our laurels. There is definitely work to be done and areas that we need to focus on.
Some of these include:
1. We need to work to increase all forms of diversity in the Department. This is especially true at the faculty level.
2. We need to ensure that everyone has a voice in the Department and that everyone feels valued and included.
3. We need to improve patient access to our services. This has gotten much worse across all specialty care areas and we need to develop plans to address this.
4. We need to continue to diversify our research portfolio beyond NIH grants as well as develop deeper research capabilities around healthcare service delivery and clinical outcomes.
5. We need to expand research in precision and personalized medicine and build programs in these areas.
6. We need to foster more cross-grounds collaborations to leverage the great strength of UVA in many areas such as engineering, data science, education and other areas.
7. We need to strengthen our ties to our community so that we are the healthcare provider of choice.
8. We need to look for philanthropic opportunities to aid in sustainable funding of our missions.

There are many other areas that require our attention and in the next month I will share our Departmental priorities for your comments and review. Collectively, the talent in the Department should be able to develop solutions for all of these challenges. I am so proud to work with such capable and compassionate colleagues.

Many, many thanks.

Mitchell H. Rosner, MD, MACP
Henry B. Mulholland Professor of Medicine
Chair, Department of Medicine

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