Hospital Medicine Section Chief Message – Paul Helgerson, MD

Paul Helgerson, MD, SFHM
Section Head, Hospital Medicine

November 2019 – It is my pleasure to highlight the work of Hospital Medicine and the excellent, varied work of our 36 physicians. Paralleling the group’s growth in numbers, we have expanded our footprint in quality, operations, education, and scholarship over the past year.

The fall has also brought several changes in leadership on the clinical units and within the group. Amber Inofuentes has agreed to take on the role of Associate Section Head and will be helping to lead aspects of quality and operations within our practice. Given my own transition to co-lead of the Medical Subspecialties Service Line, there will be new medical directors on the three inpatient units. Charlie Magee will be the medical director on 3W, Joe Hall on 3C, and Bahnsen Miller on 3E. To ensure that they are familiar faces, each is profiled below.

The Hospitalist section has also taken on an expanding role in education. In addition to his position within the IM Clerkship, Alex Millard has taken on an Associate Program Director role within the Residency Program. Andrew Parsons, also an Associate Program Director, continues in his leadership role within the FCM course. Seven hospitalists are now FCM mentors.

Andrew has also established himself as a leader, along with George Hoke, in the High-Value Care domain locally and nationally. Be on the lookout for initiatives that will help us all deliver the most efficient, effective care coming soon! Hospitalists are increasingly taking on quality improvement work and disseminating these successes as scholarship. We’ve outlined in this issue Dr. Inofuentes’ HOME Team program as a wonderful example of a program that benefits a cohort of our patients most in need.

Thanks to everyone in the department for your support and collegiality. It is a pleasure to highlight the many accomplishments of our friends and colleagues.

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