Message From Dr. James Scheiman – Division Chief Gastronenterology

James Scheiman, MD

James Scheiman, MD

I am very excited to share with you many of our enhancements to clinical care, research, and education. It is hard to believe that nearly a year and a half has passed since I arrived in Charlottesville, and I am proud to share that the Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology has seen growth in all of our undertakings. Flowing from our mission to develop passionate leaders focused on excellence who provide innovative and compassionate clinical care and advance the field through research and education, we have made many transformations with a renewed focus on excellence.

This past year we moved from an inpatient G.I. service to a consultation model. This has allowed access for more than 1000 extra clinic visits, as well as expansion of our endoscopy services, properly utilizing our new Monroe Lane facility. There is been a huge demand for our clinical care and a great focus of my efforts has been on improving customer service in collaboration with our service line team. There have been long waits for patients to gain access to our expert clinicians and a number of efforts, such as improved referral processes template utilization, strategic overbooking, and a stringent no-show policy, have led to improved clinic utilization. We have been able to expand our services with additional space in the PCC as well.

We have become system leaders in establishing an urgent referral process for enhanced patient care in collaboration with the Emergency Department. At the same time, we have not neglected our strong tradition as educators on the inpatient service and look to expand opportunities for our outpatient practice, which is the primary focus of our specialty.

Our hepatologists have contributed to dramatic increases in transplantation volume and quality. The liver group are expanding their international footprint as experts in coagulation disorders and leaders in the management of portal hypertension. Our interventional endoscopists remain at the cutting edge, offering the most novel and innovative care, not only in the region but across the country. In the upcoming years, our focus will be to expand our research portfolio, enhance collaboration across grounds, and achieve improved national recognition for our quality of clinical care in innovative scholarship. I am excited to share our success and goals in this month’s Medicine Matters!

~ James Scheiman, MD


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