KK8_0226 KK8_0228 copy KK8_0245 copy KK8_0248 KK8_0253 copy KK8_0254 copy KK8_0259 copy KK8_0261 copy KK8_0264 copy KK8_0266 copy KK8_0269 copy KK8_0273 copy KK8_0293 copy KK8_0298 copy KK8_0303 copy KK8_0305 copy KK8_0309 copy KK8_0311 copy KK8_0314 copy KK8_0321 copy KK8_0323 copy KK8_0327 copy KK8_0328 copy KK8_0330 copy KK8_0334 copy KK8_0335 copy KK8_0338 copy KK8_0341 copy KK8_0344 copy KK8_0346 copy KK8_0347 copy KK8_0353 copy KK8_0355 copy KK8_0361 copy KK8_0363 copy KK8_0365 copy KK8_0368 copy KK8_0369 copy KK8_0430 copy KK8_0431 copy KK8_0370 copy KK8_0372 copy KK8_0374 copy KK8_0378 copy KK8_0380 copy KK8_0381 copy KK8_0384 copy KK8_0386 copy KK8_0389 copy KK8_0391 copy KK8_0394 copy KK8_0396 copy KK8_0399 copy KK8_0401 copy KK8_0405 copy KK8_0406 copy KK8_0411 copy KK8_0415 copy KK8_0416 copy KK8_0421 copy KK8_0428 copy KK8_0437 copy KK8_0439 copy KK8_0444 copy KK8_0452 copy KK8_0455 copy KK8_0458 copy
Russ Manley presents Dr Mitch Rosner with a gift of appreciation from division chiefs, directors, and administrators

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