Congratulations to the Division of Infectious Diseases on their 50th Anniversary!

Gerald Mandell

Dr Gerald Mandell

Beginning in July 1969, and headed by Dr Gerald L. Mandell, along with Drs Kunin, Gwaltney, Edmundson, and McCormick of the Department of Preventive Medicine, the Division of Infectious Disease began to take form. These five doctors began seeing consults, conducting conferences, and Dr Mandell started his research into leukocyte function.

Within five years the division had two to three fellows who completed their fellowship training each year. Now the division boasts ten fellows, 35 faculty, and 24 staff. The faculty run three busy inpatient consultation services and several outpatient clinics, as well as attending on the general medicine service and serving the Medical Center, University at large, and several state agencies (for more specifics, please see the January 2019 issue of Medicine Matters where ID has been featured.) UVA’s Infectious Diseases Division was granted $23.1 million worth of research funding last year, and includes investigations into both domestic and international projects.

Throughout the next five decades the division has expanded and developed its faculty, fellowship program, staff, and research activities so that the name of the University of Virginia and the department of Medicine have become associated with excellence in infectious disease teaching, research, and clinical practice throughout the state, nation, and world. From humble beginnings this division is now in the top national tier.


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