Pulmonary Hypertension Review Committee Grants UVA Four Year Accreditation

We learned February 2018 that after an extensive application process and on-site visit and evaluation, the Pulmonary Hypertension Review Committee has granted UVA’s program a four year accreditation! Particularly noted by our two clinical surveyors was evidence of:

  • A Cohesive team comprised of dedicated healthcare professionals with cardiac and pulmonary expertise.
  • An enthusiastic multidisciplinary team and good facilities with room for growth.
  • Strong institutional support very evident at site visit.
  • Clear goal to continue increasing opportunities for collaboration in education and research.
  • Dedicated Genetics and Palliative Care connections .


There are many to thank for their hard work establishing an accredited program to best serve the needs of these very complex patients. Participants in the accreditation process included:

  • Jamie Kennedy MD
  • Andrew Mihalek MD
  • Nancy Johnson RN
  • Katelyn Hanson NP
  • Sula Mazimba MD
  • Marian Lawson RN
  • Brian Annex MD
  • Mitch Rosner MD
  • Richard Shannon MD
  • Robert Anthony RN
  • Kirk Barbieri
  • Svetlana Goldman PharmD
  • Jose Bonilla LCSW
  • Renee Campbell RT
  • Tim Short MD
  • Matt Thomas LCGC
  • Mark Adams RN
  • Cari McCormick RN
  • Lauren Bedard RN
  • Brannelly Batman RN
  • Pam Dennison RN
  • Dana Palmer RN
  • Steve Dunn PharmD
  • Mitch Baugher RT
  • Linda Bailes RN
  • Shelly Brunk RN
  • Susan Osmanzada CRC-T

Thank you and congratulations to our Pulmonary Hypertension Village!

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