Meredith Pearson, MD

Internal Medicine Chief Resident, 2017-18

I grew up in Virginia Beach and have spent my years since high school moving along Interstate 64. I attended UVA for undergrad and moved to Richmond for medical school at Virginia Commonwealth University.

I’ve been so happy to be back at UVA for IM residency. Living in Charlottesville again, but this time outside of my “undergraduate bubble,” has been a completely different experience. My fiancé, Brian, and I love being walking distance from the downtown mall and driving distance to the mountains.

Why medicine? Why UVA?

I always considered myself “pre-med” in college, but I majored in biomedical engineering and did pause to consider a career in that field. I was working as a scribe in the UVA Emergency Department at the time, and much of what I loved about that was interacting with patients and the rest of the medical team; that experience solidified my decision to go to medical school.

On the residency interview trail, UVA stood out because of how happy and friendly the residents and attendings were. There was nowhere else I visited that appeared to have that combination of camaraderie and excellent educational and clinical training — and that initial impression certainly proved to be true.

Meredith and fiancé Brian at a beer festival at IX Art Park in C’ville.

Opportunities and challenges in the year ahead as chief resident?

I’m excited to work with and help support the new interns as they get started and become incredible physicians! I think one of the biggest challenges for me will be dealing with conflict, which I’ve always tried to avoid.

Any words of advice for first-year residents?

Whatever has made you happy up to this point (hobbies, interests, people) — keep those things in your life. Residency, and intern year especially, can be all-consuming, but you need to hold on to your life outside of it.

Proudest achievement outside the professional realm?

Running a (very flat!) marathon during medical school. (I couldn’t walk down the stairs of the lecture hall the next day.)

What about you would surprise us?

My favorite band is Coheed & Cambria, who I have seen in concert more than 10 times — including when I skipped class in college to see them in NYC three nights in a row.

Meredith with her sister and cousins at their annual vacation in the Outer Banks, 2016

What are you usually doing in your spare time?

Running or lifting weights, Netflix bingeing, or cooking — or reading food blogs, or watching Food Network…

What’s one thing you always have in your fridge?

Peanut butter. (I consider a spoonful an appropriate snack at any and all times.)

Where are you going on your next vacation?

To my annual big (~50 people) family vacation at the Outer Banks — which, incredibly, I have not had to miss once during residency!

Words to live by?

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

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