2017 Carey-Marshall-Thorner Research & Scholars Day — Photos

DOM’s 2017 Carey-Marshall-Thorner Research & Scholars Day, held on Wednesday, May 10th, in Pinn Hall Conference Center, included a keynote address by Professor of Medicine Emeritus Richard Pearson, MD, oral presentations, a poster session, and a closing award ceremony.

Thanks to all who participated and contributed to making the day a success, particularly Tony Brinkman and Karen Ward, who provide logistical support each year for this annual department-wide event.

Below is a slideshow from the day; go here for the article. Many thanks to Lance Buckley for his assistance with photography (the best pix are his!).

1-Posters (2) 1a-R&S2017-MGR - Copy 1-R&S2017-MGR-audience - Copy 2a-R&S2017-MGR-Pearson&Sturek - Copy 2-R&S2017-MGR-Sturek&Pearson - Copy 3-R&S2017-MGR-Pearson&Thorner-comp - Copy 4a-R&S2017-MGR-Sturek-introduction - Copy 5-R&S2017-Oral Presents-Ewa-Mandziak - Copy 6-R&S2017-Orals-Travis-Moss - Copy 7-R&S2017-Orals-S-Panvelker - Copy 8-R&S2017-Orals-A-Rathore - Copy 9-R&S2017-Awards-Eric-Holland - Copy 9-R&S2017-Awards-Jae-Shin - Copy 9-R&S2017-Awards-Jessica-Lundgren 9-R&S2017-Awards-Lyndsey-Muehling 9-R&S2017-Awards-Patty-Wang 9-R&S2017-Awards-Paul-Kunk 9-R&S2017-Shry-Te-Ju Award-Rosner-Sharma-Muehling 9-R&S2017-Awards-Kate-McManus 1-Posters 2-Posters 4-Posters 5-Posters 6-Posters 7-Posters 8-Posters 91-Posters 92-Posters 93-Posters 94-Posters
Endocrinology fellow Jessica Lundgren, MD, accepts an award for her poster presentation on "Adolescent Girls with Hyperandrogenism and Overweight, Short-Term Metformin Improves Hyperandrogenemia But Does Not Alter Hypothalamic Sensitivity to Progesterone Negative Feedback"

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