2017 Carey-Marshall-Thorner Research & Scholars Day

Click here for the list of award winners from the 2017 Research and Scholars Day.

Dr. Rahul Sharma presents the Shry-te Ju Award to graduate student Lyndsey Muehling (DOM chair Mitch Rosner is on left).

With a Grand Rounds presentation by Richard Pearson, MD, Professor Emeritus of Medicine, ten other oral presentations by Department of Medicine residents, fellows, and graduate students, and 83 poster presentations on an array of topics, the 2017 Carey-Marshall-Thorner Research & Scholars Day presented a remarkable overview of the scholarly production of DOM trainees and their faculty mentors.

DOM’s Vice Chair for Research Eric Houpt, MD, thanked Karen Ward and Tony Brinkman for their work in organizing and coordinating the event, as well as the faculty who reviewed abstracts and served as judges for the poster and oral presentations. (In the first round, in which submitted abstracts were reviewed, all the faculty listed below participated as reviewers, along with Chris McCartney (Endo) and Neeral Shah (GI).

Faculty judges – oral presentations: Alan Dalkin (Endo), Gerald Donowitz (ID), Allison Lyons (GGPHM), Jennifer Kirby (Endo), Michael Thorner (Endo-Emeritus), Brian Uthlaut (GGPHM)

Faculty judges – posters: Team 1 – Brian Annex (CV), Eric Houpt (ID), Zhenqi Liu (Endo); Team 2 – Kyle Enfield (Pulm/CC), James Platts-Mills (ID), Scott Heysell (ID); Team 3 – Don Kimple (Rheumatology), Chris Moore (ID), Brian Uthlaut (GGPHM)

Research & Scholars Day is an occasion to “showcase the hard work of our trainees,” commented Dr. Houpt, noting that they published a total of 162 articles over the course of the 2016-2017 academic year, with 72 by clinical fellows, 16 by residents, 60 by postdoctoral fellows, and 14 by medical students and graduate students.

Below are the winners for best oral presentation, best poster presentation, and best publication in the graduate student, resident, and fellow categories, as well as the two winners of the Shry-te Ju Award for research in immunology.

>> View a slideshow from Research & Scholars Day 2017.
>> View the complete program for Research & Scholars Day 2017, including a list of oral and poster presentations and a bibliography of 2016-17 publications by DOM.

Research and Scholars Day Awards
Oral Presentation: Resident

Patty Wang, MD (PGY3)
Agreement of Endoscopic and Histological Diagnoses of Colorectal Polyps in an Academic Institution
Wang P, Sauer B, Wang A, Yoshida C, Shami V

Oral Presentation: Fellow

Jae Shin, MD (Infectious Diseases)
Characterization of Beneficial Components in the Fecal Microbiota of Young Mice which Improve Mortality and Enhance Innate Immune Response in Aged Mice with Clostridium difficile Infection
Shin J, Gao Y, Moore J, Bolick D, Kolling G, Wu M, Warren C

Poster Presentation: Graduate Student

Lyndsey Muehling
Experimental Rhinovirus Infection Reveals An Amplified Th1 Response In Allergic Asthmatics
Muehling L, Agrawal R, Wright P, Kwok W, Heymann P, Woodfolk J

Poster Presentation: Resident

Emily Hughes, MD (PGY3)
Utility of Bronchoscopy in Patients With Acute Leukemia and Neutropenic Fever
Hughes E, Douvas M


Poster Presentation: Fellow

Pelbreton Balfour, MD (Cardiovascular Imaging)
Incremental Diagnostic Accuracy of High Frequency QRS Analysis Over ST-Segment Analysis Alone for Detection of Myocardial Ischemia: Multi Center Prospective Study
Balfour P, Beller G, Bourque J


Poster Presentation: Fellow

Ashley Desmett, MD (Pulmonary)
Role of Apoptotic Cell Removal by Alveolar Epithelial Cells During Lung Development
Desmett A, Jayaguru P, Tundup S, Kadl A


Poster Presentation: Fellow

Tsuyoshi Inoue, MD, PhD (Nephrology post-doc)
Bone Marrow Stromal Cell Antigen-1 Identified by RNA-seq and ChIP-seq Is Important For Inducing Renal Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury and Fibrosis
Inoue T, Huang L, Rosin D, Okusa M


Poster Presentation: Fellow

Jessica Lundgren, MD (Endocrinology)
In Adolescent Girls with Hyperandrogenism and Overweight, Short-Term Metformin Improves Hyperandrogenemia But Does Not Alter Hypothalamic Sensitivity to Progesterone Negative Feedback
Lundgren J, Kim S, Solorzano C, McCartney C, and Marshall J

Publication Award: Resident

Eric Holland, MD (PGY3)
Holland EM, Moss TJ. Acute Noncardiovascular Illness in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. Journal of the American College of Cardiology 2017 (Apr 25);69(16):1999-2007.

Publication Award: Fellow

Paul Kunk, MD (Hematology-Oncology)
Kunk PR, Mock J, Devitt ME, Palkimas S, Sen J, Portell CA, Williams ME. Major Bleeding With Ibrutinib: More Than Expected. Blood 2016 128:3229.

Publication Award: Fellow

Kate McManus, MD (Infectious Diseases)
McManus KA, Rhodes A, Bailey S, Yerkes L, Engelhard CL, Ingersoll KS, Stukenborg GJ, Dillingham R. Affordable Care Act Qualified Health Plan Coverage: Association With Improved HIV Viral Suppression for AIDS Drug Assistance Program Clients in a Medicaid Nonexpansion State. Clinical Infectious Diseases 2016 Aug 1; 63(3):396-403.

Shry-te Ju Award for Poster Presentation

Lyndsey Muehling (Graduate student)
Experimental Rhinovirus Infection Reveals An Amplified Th1 Response In Allergic Asthmatics
Muehling L, Agrawal R, Wright P, Kwok W, Heymann P, Woodfolk J

Patty Wang

Jae Shin

Lyndsey Muehling

Emily Hughes

Balfour Pelbreton

Ashley Desmett

Tsuyoshi Inoue

Jessica Lundgren

Eric Holland

Paul Kunk

Kate McManus

Lyndsey Muehling

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