2016 Carey-Marshall-Thorner Research & Scholars Day

Oral presentations: Pulmonary fellow Ashley Desmett, MD

Pulmonary fellow Ashley Desmett, MD, received the award for Best Oral Presentation by a fellow.

With a Grand Rounds presentation by Dean Kedes, PhD, MD (director, UVA Medical Scientist Training Program), ten other oral presentations by Department of Medicine residents, fellows, and graduate students, and 95 poster presentations (a 12% increase over 2015!) on an array of topics, the 2016 Carey-Marshall-Thorner Research & Scholars Day presented a remarkable overview of the scholarly production of DOM trainees and faculty mentors.

DOM’s Vice Chair for Research Eric Houpt, MD, thanked Karen Ward and Tony Brinkman for their work in organizing and coordinating the event, as well as the faculty who reviewed abstracts and served as judges for the poster and oral presentations. They were:

Faculty judges – poster presentations: Brian Annex (CV), Zach Henry (GI), Eric Houpt (ID), Zhenqi Liu (Endo), Neeral Shah (GI), Michael E. Williams (Hem-Onc)

Faculty judges – oral presentations: Alan Dalkin (Endo), Gerald Donowitz (ID), Allison Lyons (GGPHM), Mitchell Rosner (Neph), Michael Thorner (Endo), Brian Uthlaut (GGPHM),

Research & Scholars Day is an occasion to “showcase the hard work of our trainees,” commented Dr. Houpt, noting that “a record 107 abstracts [were] submitted this year.” In addition, trainees published a total of 128 articles over the course of the 2015-2016 academic year — a substantial increase over the previous year — with 89 by clinical fellows, 18 by postdoctoral fellows, and 15 by medical students and graduate students (the total exceeds 128 because of overlapping authorship on some papers).

Below are the winners for best oral presentations and best poster presentations, as well as the two winners of the Shry-Te Ju Award for research in immunology.

>> View a slideshow from Research & Scholars Day 2016.
>> View the complete program for Research & Scholars Day 2016.


Oral Presentation: Resident

fortier-70x105Sean Fortier, MD
Plasma Biomarkers of Interstitial Lung Disease in Hermanksy-Pudlak Syndrome
Fortier S, Burdick M, Mehrad B

Poster Presentation: Resident

Cristina Churchill, MD: Best Poster Presentation by a ResidentCristina Churchill, MD
Moral Distress in Internal Medicine Residents
Churchill C, Corning B, Epstein E


Poster Presentation: Resident

Bryan Lawlor, MD
Reducing Heart Failure Hospital Readmissions with Rapid Clinic Follow-up
Lawlor B, Mazima S, Reigle N, Welch T, Kennedy J, Bergin J, Abuannadi M, Scully K, Craig T, Bilchick K

Publication Award: Resident

loguidice-70x105Michael Loguidice, MD
Loguidice MJ, Schutt RC, Horton JW, Minei JP, Keeley EC. Heart rate variability as a predictor of death in burn patients. Journal of Burn Care & Research 2015, June 23.

Publication Award: Postdoctoral Fellow

Tsuyoshi Inoue, MD, PhD
Inoue, T, C.Abe, S J. Sung, S. Moscalu, J. Jankowski, L. Huang, H. Ye, D. L. Rosin, P.G. Guyenet and M.D. Okusa. Vagus Nerve-Mediated Protection from Kidney Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury through a7nAChR+ Splenocytes.  Journal of Clinical Investigation 2016

Shry-Te Ju Award for Poster Presentation

Shry-Te Ju Award winner Jeffrey Teoh (PhD student)Jeffrey Teoh (graduate student)
Acute virus-specific responses by NK cells shape CD8+ memory T cells and protective immunity
Teoh J, Gamache A, Bullock T, Brown M

Oral Presentation: Fellow

Ashley Desmett, MD (Pulmonary fellow)
Adipose Triglyceride Lipase in Macropphages Modulates Response to Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
Desmett A, Tundup S, Jayaguru P,   Kadl

Poster Presentation: Fellow

Sahar Mansoor, MD: Best Poster Presentation by a FellowSahar Mansoor, MD (Pulmonary fellow)
Discovery of a novel COPD phenotype by hyperpolarized xenon129 MRI imaging biomarker
Mansoor S, Qing K, Altes T, Tustison N, Miller G, Mata J, Hersman F, Mugler J, Shim Y

Poster Presentation: Graduate Student

Sarah Gray (ID doctoral student): Best Poster Presentation by a Graduate StudentSarah Gray (Barrett lab, Endocrinology)
Insulin uptake by the brain endothelial cell (BEC) is receptor-dependent and blunted by high-fat diet feeding
Gray S, Aylor K, Barrett E

Publication Award: Fellow

Travis Moss, MD (CV clinical fellow)

Moss TJ, Lake DE, Calland JF, Enfield KB, Delos JB, Fairchild KD, Moorman JR. Signatures of subacute potentially catastrophic illness in the intensive care unit: model development and validation. Critical Care Medicine 2016 in press.

Shry-Te Ju Award for Poster Presentation

Shry-Te Ju Award winner Hong Yang Wang (Nephrology research faculty)Hongyang Wang, PhD (research faculty)
Expression of C1q by Podocytes and Tubular cells Under Stress Signifies its Protective and Destructive Roles in Lupus Nephritis
Wang H, Dai C, Sung S, Gaskin F, Kannapell C, Man Fu S


For a complete schedule of posters and presentations, and a list of 2015-2016 publications by DOM residents and fellows, go to:
Research & Scholars Day brochure

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