May 2014: Jessica Aquilina

This award recognizes excellence provided by employees of the University of Virginia’s Department of Medicine. All classified and university staff employees, including part-time and wage employees, are eligible for nomination. Each division will have an opportunity to nominate employees from their area on a monthly rotating basis.

Jessica Aquilina

Jessica Aquilina
Infectious Diseases

“I began working with the Division of Infectious Diseases & International Health in July, 2013. Within 3 months, the Division was down 2 fiscal tech FTEs. When approached to take on this work, Jessica embraced the opportunity. This specific accomplishment deserves recognition, but I’d prefer to highlight Jessica’s day to day work.”

“Jessica has grown into a loyal and hardworking employee over the past year. We count on her expertise in all matters concerning reconciliation and procurement. Other employees may have been intimidated by taking on such a large portfolio of work, but Jessica has met this challenge with grace and vigor. In addition to working hard each day, Jessica is serving as a mentor and example to other staff in the Division’s administrative unit. She teaches them new tasks without tire and has implemented process improvements in the Division that have resulted in significant cost savings to the Division as well as providing much needed organization.”