Angie Nishio Lucar, MD

Angela Nishio Lucar

Angie Nishio Lucar

I’ve been at UVA for a little over 4 years. I joined the faculty soon after finishing my fellowship in transplant nephrology and becoming a first time mom. I was born and raised in Peru; I studied Medicine there, but decided to complete my higher education in the US. I live in Crozet with my husband, Renzo, and our daughter, Isolina. We really enjoy Virginia.

Why Healthcare?

I think Healthcare found me rather than me choosing it. I never thought about being a doctor until after finishing high school (there is no college in Peru, so you have to make your career choice during your senior year). I actually started out as a forestry engineer but I drop out soon after realizing that biology, anatomy and physiology where my favorite courses. The human body was so tantalizing that I could not resist. Later on, medicine taught me about all the fantastic opportunities this field had to offer. Medicine allowed me to express myself in multiple ways: I could not only help others, but I could also teach others at various levels; I could be passionate, compassionate, caring and creative. It was just such a well-rounded field.

maternity shot with Renzo

maternity shot with Renzo

What brought you to Charlottesville?

The first time I came to Charlottesville was during a cold winter as a fellowship candidate. I was impressed on how charming the city and its people were in spite of that. I thought back then “I could live here.” The more I explored Charlottesville, the more and more enamored I became with it. Charlottesville not only offered me the perfect place to learn and grow, but also offered me a unique environment to start and raise a young family. So, I stayed.

What excites you about your work?

There are a lot of things that excite about doing what I do. However, I think my main driver is helping and teaching others, specially when I meet someone with a challenging diagnosis and I know I will be able to help him/her.

with Isolina at the winery

with Isolina at the winery

Proudest/greatest achievement outside the professional realm?

Without doubt or hesitation, becoming a mom is my greatest achievement. It is unbelievable how much energy and strength one can get from just one smile of your child.

Next life?

I debate between being a photographer or a writer. I used to write a lot but not so much these days.

What are you usually doing on the weekend?

During the day, weather permitted, we try to spend time out side. We love hiking and visiting Virginia wineries and breweries. I also enjoy tremendously playing with my daughter any day of the week. During the evening, well… maybe a movie or a book, or I may still be catching up with some work.

in Dublin

in Dublin

How did you meet your partner?

I met my husband in Med School.  At first, I did not think much of him, he was too shy. We were very good friends for years before I realized he was my perfect partner. He gives me infinite strength and keeps me centered when I need it.

Favorite vacation?

In June 2012, we spent two wonderful weeks in Ireland. What an amazing country. If you ever go, I would strongly recommend staying in “Bed and Breakfast” only.

Most admired person, and why?

There are a lot of figures in my life that I admire tremendously. It is hard for me to pick one. However, I will say that my mom is a strong presence in every way.

Isolina at Lake Huron

Isolina at Lake Huron

Best advice anyone ever gave you?

Be yourself, respect yourself so you can respect and help others.

What about you would surprise us?

I practiced modern dance for over a decade of my life. Sometimes I miss being on the stage.