Shriram Lokare, MD

headI was born and raised in Nagpur, India, where I earned the degree of MBBS (MD equivalent) from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. I worked extensively as a house physician in Nagpur before joining the residency program at the Christ Hospital, Cincinnati, OH. Currently I am doing fellowship at the Rheumatology Dept. at UVA.

I believe in exemplifying and promoting healthy lifestyle by living one. I stay active by doing regular work out. My love for basketball is exceeded only by love for my wife, Gauri, with whom I enjoy many outdoor activities like traveling to different scenic places, hiking and kayaking. We have an adorable lab-retriever puppy Milo who has proved to be a great addition to our family! We regularly volunteer for social causes as well. I have traveled extensively in the US, visiting about 30 states till date.

Fall in the Shenandoah National Forest

Fall in the Shenandoah National Forest

Why Rheumatology?

A rheumatologist deals with diseases which could (and very often do) involve almost any bodily system. It essentially requires one to have a broad perspective necessitating one to keep their skills as an internist alive. An early diagnosis increases chances of reducing morbidity and improving quality of life. However an early diagnosis is often difficult as symptoms could be mild and or nonspecific. Hence, rheumatological diseases often represent an intellectual challenge. Such opportunities to exercise my knowledge of medicine as a whole have attracted me most to rheumatology. Treatments are equally complex and challenging as these often comes with adverse effects such as risk of infections from immunosuppression, which could turn fatal.

What do you like about the Charlottesville area or what do you most enjoy doing here?

Driving through the Shenandoah Valley and capturing scenic spots on my camera has been one of the most unique experiences in Charlottesville. I have come to like the UVA men’s basketball team after watching their confident march into regional championship and victory in the last season. One can do numerous social and cultural activities in and around the city. The city has been able to offer so much to the vegan food lover in me as well. This fall season, I am looking forward to achieving sky jumping and taking a balloon ride over the Shenandoah Valley with my wife.

With Gauri at Jaconson Park, Lexington, KY

With Gauri at Jaconson Park, Lexington, KY

What opportunities do you have at UVa that made you choose to come here?

UVA Medical Center has served as a premier tertiary health care center for vast amount of population staying in and around Virginia. Patients are drawn from nearby Washington, DC, and as far as Tennessee. The medical center has almost every available therapy that could be made available for optimal patient management. Consistent appearance of UVA in national rankings reflects success of UVA teams’ efforts, work ethics and quality. The Department of Rheumatology at UVA was established more than 40 years ago. Considering the millions of people that are served by UVA, the fellowship education at UVA Rheumatology imparts a unique opportunity to manage patients with common, complex and rare presentations. The academic faculty at this department is multifaceted and has vast experience from bench to bedside Rheumatology.

Proudest/greatest achievement outside the professional realm?

Playing college basketball while in India.

What are you usually doing on the weekend or in your spare time?

Our dog, Milo

Our dog, Milo

Thankfully, Charlottesville has many options for me and my family. I like to spend time with my wife and visit places around. We love driving around and through mountains and country roads, visiting local festivals, taking trails with our lab-retriever puppy, Milo. Chris Green Lake Park, which hosts a swimming area for dogs, is our new-found love. We love visiting and taking a detailed tour of Smithsonian museums in DC. I love to watch You Tube clips on basketball and cricket in my otherwise spare time.

How did you meet your spouse?

My wife Gauri and I are from same part of India but never knew each other until we met in Lexington, KY. She was doing her Masters in Public health at the University of Kentucky. We had a common group of friends and met almost daily. Soon our acquaintance grew into friendship, which turned into love.

Kayaking in Douglas, MI

Kayaking in Douglas, MI

Favorite recreational activity?

Spending summer time on beaches.

Most admired person, and why?

There have been many people in my life that I admire. It will be unfair to just mention one person here. I have most admired my family, especially my grandfather, for their simplicity, honesty, discipline, intellect and clarity.

Best advice anyone ever gave you?

It came from Dr. Thergaonkar, a professor in medical school:  “Life is a buffet. Choose wisely”.

What about you would surprise us?

I can speak 4 languages fluently.