Carey, Marshall, Thorner Research and Scholars’ Day Award Winners

Research-Scholars' DayPlease congratulate the following winners from Research and Scholars Day. It was a wonderful event and highlights the outstanding research that is occurring in the Department at all levels. We should be very proud of the depth and breadth of our research mission.

Also, thanks goes to Karen Ward, and Drs. Eric Houpt, Jerry Donowitz and Mike Brown (along with chief residents Drs. Allen, Gomez, McManus and Shaw) for their efforts in organizing such a fantastic day.

Oral Resident Presentation

Brad Weinbaum
Validation of a Tuberculous Meningitis case definition in Mbarara Regional Referral Hospital
Weinbaum B, Adakun S, Moore C

Oral Fellow Presentation

Zachary Henry
Baclofen is safe and efficacious for treatment of muscle cramps in patients with Cirrhosis: A Pilot Study
Henry Z, Northup P

Poster Resident Presentation

Aaron Trimble
Elevation in peripheral blood fibrocyte counts correlates with presence and outcome of interstitial lung disease in patients with Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome
Trimble A, Burdick MD, Fischer R, Gahl W, Gochuico B, Strieter RM, Mehrad B

Poster Fellow Presentation

Wenyan Huang
miRNA Let-7i down-regulates endothelial IRS2 expression and contributes to vascular insulin resistance
Huang W, Xie C, Zhao L, Liu Z

Poster Resident Presentation

Thamiris Palacios
Undetectable serum total IgE as a diagnostic criterion for CVID
Palacios T, Lawrence M, Borish L

Poster Fellow Presentation

Rajat Madan
Leptin-STAT3 signaling enhances the inflammatory response in C. difficile associated colitis
Madan R, Guo X, Naylor C, Bounomo E, Moskaluk CA, Concannon P, Kolling GL, Duggal P, Warren CA, Petri WA Jr

Poster Grad Student Presentation

Jeffrey Teoh
Licensed NK-mediated response to murine cytomegalovirus specifically upregulates dendritic cell co-stimulatory ligands required in T cell priming
Teoh J, Stadnisky MD, Bullock TN, Brown MG

Shry-Te Ju Award

Isaah Vincent
NK1.1+ cells attenuate renal fibrosis after Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
Vincent I, Moscalu S, Chhoun C, Li L, Huang L, Ye H, Sun-Sang Sung J, Brown MG, Okusa MD