November 2013: Sandra Kendrick

This award recognizes excellence provided by employees of the University of Virginia’s Department of Medicine. All classified and university staff employees, including part-time and wage employees, are eligible for nomination. Each division will have an opportunity to nominate employees from their area on a monthly rotating basis.

Sandra Kendrick receives her EOM award from Brian Gittens.

Sandra Kendrick receives her EOM award from Brian Gittens.

“My patients and I are very lucky to have Sandy working with us. She is a great member of the team and takes her job very seriously.

The GI practice deals with liver disease and luminal GI patients who are often very sick. One particular instance occurred when a sick patient called after hours to make an appointment with one of my colleagues. He came to my office asking if there was any way to get the patient in the next day at 8am. All the support staff had left, and Sandy was preparing to leave. She promptly stepped up and told us to transfer the call to her desk and she would help facilitate the appointment and enter the registration information.

This patient was seen the next morning and never would have had an appointment if it wasn’t for Sandy helping my colleague, whom she normally does not work with. This just reinforced how much of a team player Sandy is and how she puts the patient’s needs before her own.”