Dr. Michael O. Thorner Retires

Tribute by Dr. Zhenqi Liu, Chief of the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism

It is with mixed feeling that I announce the retirement of Michael O. Thorner, MBBS, DSc, FRCP, MACP, effective February 1, 2014. Today is his last day at work.

Michael O. Thorner, MD Endocrinology

Dr. Michael Thorner

Trained at the University of London, Dr. Thorner arrived at UVA on August 1, 1977 as an Associate Professor of Medicine and had a stellar career here. He became Professor of Medicine in 1982 and Professor of Neurosurgery in 1994. He held 3 distinguished professorships including Kenneth R. Crispell Professor of Medicine (1990 – 1996), Henry B. Mulholland Professor of Medicine (1997 – 2006) and David Harrison Medical Teaching Professor of Internal Medicine (2006 – 2014). He served as Director of the General Clinical Research Center (1984 – 1997), Chief of the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism (1986 – 1998), and Chairman of the Department of Medicine (1997 – 2006).

Dr. Thorner is an extraordinary physician scientist with exceptional contributions to endocrinology and unmatched accomplishments in a broad spectrum of activities that have transformed the science and practice of endocrinology. His landmark scientific discoveries include growth hormone releasing hormone and its receptor, medical treatment of prolactinoma, and the treatment of sarcopenia of aging. His work has won him numerous honors and awards.

Dr. Thorner is a master clinician. He pioneered the medical treatment of prolactinoma with normalization of prolactin and gonadal function, reduction in tumor size, restoration of normal vision and elimination of the need for pituitary surgery, making a real difference in the lives of numerous patients. Together with his colleagues, he established a world class pituitary program which has brought significant recognition to the University.

Dr. Thorner is a superb educator/mentor. He has mentored numerous students, residents, clinical fellows, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scientists and junior faculty. Many of them have had a highly successful career and become also excellent mentors themselves.

Dr. Thorner is a true gentleman. He is an outstanding citizen and very kind to his colleagues and mentees. He is always ready to lend his helping hands.

The Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism thanks Dr. Michael O. Thorner for his dedication, leadership, outstanding service and most importantly friendship and wishes him and his family well as he starts a new chapter of his fruitful life.

I am pleased to also announce that Dean Dunlap and Dr. Rosner have approved my request to appoint Dr. Thorner Professor Emeritus, effective February 1, 2014.

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