April 2013: Linda Swartz

This award recognizes excellence provided by employees of the University of Virginia’s Department of Medicine. All classified and university staff employees, including part-time and wage employees, are eligible for nomination. Each division will have an opportunity to nominate employees from their area on a monthly rotating basis.

Linda Swartz Allergy

Linda Swartz

“Mrs. Swartz continues to be an excellent employee and we in the division benefit greatly from her ongoing work. Her continued accomplishments to facilitate division activities benefit the faculty and staff within the division of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

“She also is helpful in our fellowship training program as the Fellowship Coordinator. Mrs. Swartz brings an enthusiasm to her daily activities which overflows to those around her.

“Mrs. Swartz also volunteers at a local theater group that performs plays to help raise money to pay for medical bills of those without significant means.”

Congratulations on this award!