Mills Receives Distinguished Pathologist Award

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(l-r) Dr. Christopher Fletcher, President of USCAP; and Dr. Stacey Mills, award recipient.

By Brian Murphy

Congratulations to Stacey Mills, MD, Professor of Pathology, for receiving the Distinguished Pathologist Award, which recognizes distinguished service in the development of the discipline of Pathology. This award, from the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) Board of Directors, is presented to an individual who is recognized for making major contributions to pathology over many years.

Among the reasons Dr. Mills was chosen for this award included his extensive publication history (over 250 peer-reviewed articles) that described new disease classification of several cancer types, advances in the microscopic diagnostic criteria for several diseases, and the use of protein biomarkers in the analysis of cancer specimens. Dr. Mills has also authored or edited many authoritative textbooks in the field of diagnostic pathology and has been editor-in-chief of two top medical journals in his field.

USCAP is one of the major academic societies in the world dedicated to advancing the field of diagnostic pathology and educating physicians to be better pathologists. According to its website, it does this by providing “the ultimate in continuing medical education and translational research to improve practices and patient outcomes globally.”

“USCAP is the premier organization of academic pathologists in North America,” said Mills. “The Distinguished Pathologist Award is given to one individual each year and is the society’s highest honor. It recognizes the body of work an individual has contributed to the field of pathology.”

When asked how he felt about receiving such a prestigious honor, Mills said, “The award was first given 30 years ago and past awardees are a ‘who’s who’ list of academic pathologists. This was a tremendous honor and one that I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Mills!

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