Awardees: Brodie Resident Clinicians

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Brodie Resident Clinician Awardees: (l-r) Dr. Laura Ferraro, Dr. Alison Huffstetler, Dr. LeAnn Denlinger, and Dr. Caileigh Pudela.

The Anne L. Brodie Medical Fund Committee annually recognizes a single resident in each of the primary care disciplines with the Brodie Resident Clinician Award. This award recognizes resident physicians who demonstrate clinical excellence in primary care and serve as a model for peers and medical students at the University of Virginia by taking personal and primary responsibility for all of their patients’ needs.

This year’s inspirational awardees are:

Dr. Alison Huffstetler (Family Medicine)
[Alison] generally operates at a level of excellence, always looking ahead as to what else needs to be done to take best care of this patient, takes the initiative to get these things done herself, doesn’t hesitate to speak up when she sees a potential safety issue or problem with patient care, [is] kind and compassionate, [a] lifelong learner, [and] highly respected by peers and students …”

Dr. Laura Ferraro (OBGYN)
Laura is always a pleasure to work with in clinic even in the midst of chaos at times. She consistently and efficiently reacts to refill prescriptions, follows up with patient-care needs, and works cooperatively with the nursing staff to ensure timely patient attention. She is kind to her patients and is very thoughtful about listening to what they have to say before providing them with her evidenced-based medical knowledge.”

Dr. Caileigh Pudela (Pediatrics)
“Dr. Pudela provides comprehensive care for children and makes coming to the doctor a safe place for our patients and their families. She demonstrates warmth and genuine interest in every child she cares for, whether in the inpatient or outpatient setting.”

Dr. LeAnn Denlinger (General Medicine)
“Leann is an incredible person and a fabulous doctor. She takes ownership of her patients and carries the responsibility of their care with grace. She is thorough and conscientious. I can trust her to make thoughtful, intelligent, and well-researched decisions that take the patients’ whole story into account. Leann is a delight to work with.”

Please join us in congratulating these model clinicians!

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