Opportunities to Support the Ashlawn Opera

April 4, 2014 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Looking for a summer house sitter or just a little variety in your life? Consider this!

Do you have a need for someone to watch your house, feed your cat, water your plants, collect your mail this summer? Or have you always considered hosting an exchange student but didn’t feel comfortable committing for a long time period? Or are you merely interested in helping with a community effort.

Ashlawn Operas two summer performances require housing for approximately 100 out of town artists – singers, orchestra members, tech support, and others. Some are here for the entire summer, others just for a couple of weeks. They require only a bedroom and bathroom – they feed and transport themselves! These are accomplished professionals with well honed abilities as house guests, and Ashlawn will do the matching (no, you don’t have to give away the cat!). Please consider helping out – in return you will have made a new friend or two (it’s fun to follow the careers of “your” artists), perhaps had the chance to listen in on some awesome practice, AND you’ll receive two tickets to a performance.

For more info, please check out the website at or contact Vicky Norwood at

Please note that hosts have been obtained for “Candide” – we are looking for help for the summer season.

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