Clinical Strategic Planning Process: The Basics

February 12, 2020 by

This spring the UVA Children’s Hospital will be conducting a formal clinical strategic planning process. This differs from other recent strategic planning efforts in that we will engage an external consulting firm, called Whitecap Health Advisors. Whitecap has been the consultant for strategic planning processes at many of the largest children’s hospitals in the country. They are very experienced, and extremely insightful. We are excited by this opportunity!

The timing of this effort coincides with leadership changes at UVA as well as changes in the Virginia healthcare market. It is a time of opportunity, but also threat. We need to be positioned for success. We anticipate that the results of this effort will take us in new, exciting directions.

The basic structure of the effort will comprise leadership by a Core team, comprised of Karin Skeen, Billy Petersen, and Jim Nataro, as well as a Steering Committee comprised of a larger number of important UVA Children’s and UVA Health System leaders. Individuals engaged in various aspects of the clinical enterprise will be interviewed and their opinions collected and considered. It is a time to be thoughtful, analytical, and innovative. It is a time to understand who we are, who we can be, and who we should be.

Importantly, the strategic plan will include a re-examination of our mission and vision statements. Such an undertaking helps to ground an organization in its most important values.

We expect Whitecap to be on grounds intermittently for the next six months. You may see them in various venues, and in our experience they have been prepared and extremely professional. We expect that the final strategic plan will be delivered in June. Thanks in advance for all the hard work that will be required to operationalize this plan – it will be an important advancement in the care of children in the Commonwealth of Virginia and beyond!


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