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Children’s Hospital Culture: Why it’s a Top Priority


by William C. Petersen Jr, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer UVAMC, Children's Hospital Associate Professor, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology, UVASOM Why is focusing on culture at the Children's Hospital so important?  …

Focusing on the Positive


By James Nataro, Karin Skeen, and Billy Petersen We write this piece at an extraordinary time for the UVA Children’s Hospital. After several “false starts” surrounding potential pandemics, from SARS…

Clinical Strategic Planning Process: The Basics


This spring the UVA Children's Hospital will be conducting a formal clinical strategic planning process. This differs from other recent strategic planning efforts in that we will engage an external…

Ambulatory Optimization


By William Petersen, MD, Katie Fellows, and Teresa Green What exactly is Ambulatory Optimization? Ambulatory Optimization is a major effort that is using A3 problem solving to improve our outpatient…