Camp Holiday Trails Summer Med Team

April 21, 2014 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Camp Holiday Trails  logoTo all of our past Med Team members and interested partners and friends of Camp: We are actively seeking our summer Med Team now. Please consider how you fit in (you do, you do!) and spread the word!

WHO: Each summer 50+ medical volunteers rotate through our Camp.

MORE WHO: Each session of camp is led by an MD (who lives at Camp) who works with a diverse team of peds and family medicine residents, PAs and PA students, NPs and NP students, RNs and RN students, med students and EMTs.

WHAT: Our Med Team provides on-site medical care for kids with special medical needs (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, cerebral palsy and more.)  Care may include daily and PRN medication distribution, medical treatments and diagnosis of in-camp concerns.  Peak need is 7AM-9AM and 7PM-10PM with much time in between to enjoy Camp and plan your Talent Show performance. Attending lectures are around 2PM each day on a variety of topics.

WHERE: We provide housing in our new Med Lodges, all meals – and a fun and educational experience working with many diverse diagnoses (our campers are ages 5-17.)  Camp Holiday Trails is uniquely situated at the end of a 2-mile country road in a beautiful outdoor setting, yet very close to the center of Charlottesville and lots of arts, entertainment and great restaurants.

WHEN:  Med Volunteers must commit to at least one session and a regular schedule (every day, every AM, every PM, etc.)  If staying in residence at Camp, we will schedule you with lots of breaks and time off.  If coming in/out on a day basis, you can let us know your preferred hours (peak need is 7AM-9AM and 7PM-10PM) on your application. Scheduling may be 7AM-3PM, 3PM-7PM, 7PM-7AM, etc.

WHY:  Camp Holiday Trails is a remarkable place – the lives we impact through our care and compassion and constant fun-making are those of children with special medical needs – why NOT volunteer?!

Our application lists each Camp session. Note: Most med staff report for 1st day on the opening Sunday of each session at 10:30AM to prep for arriving campers (and meet all families).  Each sessions ends on a Friday by 12Noon.

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