Alpha Omega Alpha Welcomes New Inductees

April 13, 2022 by School of Medicine Webmaster

Alpha Omega Alpha Welcomes New InducteesOn April 3, the UVA School of Medicine Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha held a joint induction ceremony for the Class of 2022 and the Class of 2023. Alumna Nora Kern, MD ’09, presented the certificates virtually.

Alpha Omega Alpha is the only national honor medical society in the world. Membership in AOA recognizes and perpetuates excellence in the medical profession. At UVA, the goal of AOA is also to promote contact between the students and members who are practicing physicians, both here in the University and in private practice.

From the top quartile of students, each chapter may elect to AOA membership up to one-sixth of the projected number of students that will graduate. Those students chosen from the top quartile for election are picked not only for their high academic standing, but as well for leadership among their peers, professionalism and a firm sense of ethics, promise of future success in medicine, and a commitment to service in the school and community.

Approximately 6-9 students are elected following their second year based on a vote of peers and overall academic performance in an unweighted manner. Approximately 17 more are elected after their third year based on a vote of peers and cumulative academic performance in an unweighted manner.

Congratulations to these new AOA inductees:

Class of 2022

  • Naveen Ambati
  • Elias Ayoub
  • Briana Belmonte
  • Michael Borten
  • Andrew Burns
  • Jacqueline Carson
  • Xizhao Chen
  • Justin Coley
  • Courtney Duckworth
  • Farid Ghamsari
  • Courtney Heron
  • Eugenie Hughes
  • Hannah Kenny
  • Rebecca Kowalski
  • Prajeeth Koyada
  • Jaina Lane
  • Nicholas Lolli
  • Kara MacIntyre
  • Jasmine Malhi
  • Haley Meade
  • Nadine Michel
  • Nwanneoma Ngonadi
  • Leah Reichle
  • Zoe Roecker
  • Carol Rowley
  • Michael Salomon
  • Shambhavi Singh
  • Marc Vetter
  • Tiana Walker
  • Katherine Webb
  • Lindsay Whalen
  • Andrew Winkelman

Class of 2023

  • Jung Eun Ahn
  • Walter Banfield
  • Ashley Bolte
  • Colby Brunette
  • Anthony DeNovio
  • Kimberly Doerr
  • Marisa Duong
  • Nicole Edmonds
  • Oluwafunmilayo Eletu
  • Omar Elghawy
  • Faraz Farzad
  • Laura Fuhr
  • Danielle Hogarth
  • Anthony Ignozzi
  • Rohan Karanth
  • Jacob Kosyakovsky
  • Joshua Kowalczyk
  • Erica Mark
  • Kelley Mark
  • Ajay Mehta
  • Hayne Noh
  • Hakeem Oufkir
  • Krishna Patel
  • Brandon Podyma
  • Madisyn Primas
  • Emily Rabinovich
  • Miyabi Saito
  • Zachary Scharf
  • Julian Stashower
  • Eric Taleghani
  • John Wang
  • Amanda Ward
  • Christie Zheng

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