Awardees: Brodie Resident Clinicians Honored for Exceptional Care

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(l-r) Samantha Philman, MD; Matthew Zuber, MD; Alexandra De León, MD; and R. Sumner Abraham, MD.

The Anne L. Brodie Medical Fund Committee annually recognizes a single resident in each of the primary care disciplines with the Brodie Resident Clinician Award.

This award recognizes a resident physician who

  • is called to artful, compassionate, and patient centered care;
  • takes personal and primary responsibility for the whole patient/person;
  • demonstrates excellence in clinical knowledge, skill, and judgment;
  • demonstrates a commitment to personal professional development;
  • strives to improve on each individual patient encounter, and also on systems of practice; and
  • is a role model to clinician peers and students.

This year’s inspirational awardees are:

Alexandra R. De León, MD | Pediatrics

“She genuinely cares about her patients, is competent yet humble, and is a true leader and example of a well-rounded physician and mentor. She always goes beyond what is expected.”

“Alexandra is an outstanding physician who has been dedicated to providing the best care for her patients throughout residency. She is kind, empathetic, and thoughtful. Alexandra has been particularly involved in the care of our Latino families, both in the medical setting and in the community. She has been a leader in getting our Birdsong Clinic involved in Southwood Community Health Fairs and Back to School Nights through the Latino Health Initiative. She has also been an active participant in Boys and Girls Club health fairs. Many of our patients and their families come to clinic specifically to see Dr. De León.”  

Samantha Philman, MD | Family Medicine

“Sammie cares so deeply for her patients and works so hard for them every day. She is so fully present with patients and gives all of herself to them. She will work tirelessly to make sure they have what the need and all that she can give them.”

“Sammie is a dedicated, amazing physician. She cares deeply for patients, goes above and beyond for her patients. She is committed to professional development and personal growth. She models professionalism in every setting”

Matthew J. Zuber, MD | OB/GYN

“He really cares about the patient/person as a whole. He recognizes there are aspects of care that are not just about medical treatment. Matt is up to date on evidenced based medicine and is seen on a regular basis in the workroom sharing journal articles with peers and medical students. There is an inner professor in him. He takes time with the medical students to teach them skills, treatment plans, and help them feel confident in their assessments and skills gained on the OB/GYN rotation. “ 

Ralph “Sumner” Abraham, MD | Internal Medicine

“Of the many skillful, compassionate, dedicated and thorough residents in this class, I have never seen one who approaches patients with such joy, and intentionality in seeing their personhood.”

 “Sumner is constantly joyful and engaged I his patients as people and humbly cares for their medical and emotional needs.”

Please join us in congratulating these four exemplary residents!


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