Message from the Chair

Mitchell H. Rosner, MD Chair, Department of Medicine Professor, Nephrology

Employee Engagement October 2014

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of fall and the beautiful fall foliage. Recently, we received our engagement survey results and they demonstrate that, as a Department, we have work to do in order to improve our workplace. Our goal is to make our Department the very best workplace, where … Read more

Faculty Profiles

Christopher C. Moore, MD Infectious Diseases

Christopher C. Moore, MD Infectious Diseases

I’ve been at UVA for 14 years after arriving in 2000 to begin my internal medicine residency training. I stayed at UVA to do an infectious diseases fellowship and joined the faculty in 2006. My area of research interest has been sepsis pathophysiology with particular interest in the role of the … Read more

Staff Profiles

Lisa head

Lisa Cook Infectious Diseases

I’ve been at UVa for 24 years. I was the head teller at a bank and attended Piedmont Community College before coming here. Here at UVA, I started out as a temp working in the Emergency Medicine department. I became full-time while working there and stayed with the ER for six years before moving to … Read more

News and Notes

Helmy Siragy, MD, Professor of Endocrinology

Helmy M. Siragy, MD Endocrinology

Dr. Siragy lectured on advances in understanding mechanisms contributing to development of diabetic nephropathy at the Disciplina de Nefrologia UNIFESP/EPM, 1 III International Symposium of the Renin Angiotensin System (RAS): Understanding Systemic, Intracellular and Tissue RAS , August 6-9  in Sao … Read more

heart & vascular ctr

UVA Honored for Improving Heart Attack Care UVA One of 55 U.S. Hospitals to Receive American College of Cardiology Award

Originial article in UVA Today CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va., Sept. 19, 2014 | Eric Swenson The University of Virginia Health System has earned a national award from the American College of Cardiology for enhancing care for heart attack patients. UVA is one of just 55 U.S. hospitals to receive the … Read more

Mohan Nadkarni

Mohan Nadkarni, MD GMGPC

Congratulations to Dr. Nadkarni, recipient of the 2014 David A. Harrison Distinguished Educators Award recognizing sustained excellence, a passion for teaching, and a commitment to lifelong learning.  The David A. Harrison Distinguished Educator Award carries with it the use of the title in … Read more

clerkship conference

First Annual Clerkship Coordinator Conference Huge Success by Karen Ward

The first annual Mid-Atlantic Clerkship Coordinator Conference was a huge success! The conference was aimed at clerkship coordinators across the Mid-Atlantic region, offering them the opportunity to become a certified Clerkship Administrator through the Central Group on Educational Affairs (CGEA). … Read more

Eugene Barrett

Eugene J. Barrett, MD, PhD Endocrinology

Dr. Barrett has been funded for his RO1 grant, a study of arterial vascular stiffness and function in patients with type 1 diabetes. These patients have an increased frequency of stiff vessels and diminished nitric oxide responses to insulin within the arterial vessels. These factors put them at … Read more

Thu Le and Sana Khan

NephroRunners: Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler Thu Le, Sana Khan, and Leah Wayner

Once again the Department of Nephrology NephroRunners chewed up the miles in the Charlottesville Women's Four Miler. Virginia's largest all-women's event is a Charlottesville tradition due to its hospitality to runners and walkers of all ages and abilities. The race is along a scenic stretch of … Read more