UVA Researchers Awarded $12M for Establishment of New Center for Systems Analysis of Stress-Adapted Cancer Organelles.

September 22, 2022 by

Kevin Janes PhD and Matthew Lazzara PhD

Kevin Janes, PhD (lt) and Matthew J. Lazzara, PhD (rt)

With a 12M grant from the National Institutes of Health’s National Cancer Institute, the School of Engineering and Applied Science in collaboration with UVA Health Cancer Center and the School of Medicine are establishing the Center for Systems Analysis of Stress-Adapted Cancer Organelles. The new center will study interactions and processes of organelles as a network instead of cancer research that focuses on specific genes or proteins involved with cell division.  This may lead to development of different therapies to disrupt tumor growth.

The new center will be co-directed by Kevin Janes, PhD, the John Marshall Money Professor of biomedical engineering and Matthew J. Lazzara, PhD, professor of chemical engineering and biomedical engineering.


This center will give us a sophisticated new perspective on cancer and provide insights that could dramatically advance cancer care for patients. It will be exciting to see this cutting-edge collaboration bring together the wide-ranging expertise at the School of Medicine and School of Engineering to make important strides in cancer research. ~Dr. Melina R. Kibbe, dean of the School of Medicine and chief health affairs officer for UVA Health

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