Julius Zhu, PhD, Awarded $2 Million to Further Research of Cortical Circuits in the Healthy and Diseased Brain

September 19, 2023 by

Julius Zhu

Julius Zhu, PhD

Julius Zhu, PhD, a professor of pharmacology, was awarded a $2 million grant for a project titled “Architectonic Analysis of Complex Cortical Circuits in Healthy and Diseased Brain.”

Professor Zhu’s project aims to develop an octuple-sexdecuple whole-cell patch-clamp recording method to analyze the architectural design of complex cortical circuits. Through this method, Dr. Zhu and his lab hope to unveil fundamental principles governing cortical operation and shed light on the initial architectonic deficits observed in complex circuits in aging and Alzheimer’s brains.

Reviewers have acknowledged Dr. Zhu’s application as “addressing an important question in the neurobiology field, exploring how cortical columns of neurons are functionally organized,” with the potential to “provide insights into inhibitory circuit defects in Alzheimer’s disease.”

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