Four Over Forty-Four

August 11, 2022 by

4/44 graphicGraduate students and post-doctoral research fellows are the lifeblood of our research community – they continually reinvigorate our laboratories with their eager enthusiasm for scientific discovery, and their accomplishments fill our faculty with empathic pride and joy.

At the UVA School of Medicine, we are proud of the fact that we currently have 13 NIH T32 training grants that yield nearly $6M in total costs each year. Notably, four of these training grants have been continuously funded for over 44 years and are thus even older than some faculty mentors.  Here, we highlight these especially long-lived training grants for celebration, and express our gratitude to the faculty principal investigators who currently lead them:

  • The Training in the Pharmacological Sciences grant is 48 years old (GM007055-48, Kevin Lynch, PhD).
  • The Basic Cardiovascular Research Training Grant is 46 years old (HL007284-46, Gary Owens, PhD and Brant Isakson, PhD)
  • The Infectious Diseases Training Program grant is 46 years old (AI007046-46, Bill Petri, MD, PhD and Allison Criss, PhD)
  • The Medical Scientist Training Program grant is 44 years old (GM007267-44, Dean Kedes, MD, PhD)

Less than 10% of NIH T32 grants across the United States can boast such longevity.  Further, there are only 5 such grants in the country that are older than 48 years.

Congratulations to all the faculty principal investigators and mentors who contribute to these training grants, whether young or old, and who continue the long and proud tradition at UVA of preparing each new generation of young scientists for research success.

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