UVA’s Stem Cell Transplant Program Reaches Major Milestones

March 21, 2023 by

Mike and Valerie Kirkman

Mike and Valerie Kirkman are donors to UVA’s Stem Cell Transplant Program. Mike received a successful stem cell transplant at UVA in 2020. (Contributed photo)

UVA’s Stem Cell Transplant Program has reached major milestones in its treatment of children and adults battling blood-related cancers such as leukemia, multiple myeloma, and lymphoma. In the article “Marking Milestones in Stem Cell Transplantation” published in Investing in Hope, Karen Ballen, MD discusses UVA’s Stem Cell Transplant Program which began in 2012 and recently celebrated it’s 1000th transplant. Other significant achievements include the first pediatric stem cell transplant in 20 years, led by Michael Engel, MD, PhD, and use of CAR T-cell immunotherapy treatment performed under the leadership of pediatric oncologist Daniel “Trey” Lee, MD.

Offering patients exceptional treatment close to home is a high priority for the UVA Stem Cell Transplant Program and the physicians providing care. Philanthropy plays a key role in supporting the cutting-edge research, which makes these life-saving treatments a reality. As a recipient of a stem cell transplant in 2020, Mike Kirkman and his wife, Valerie, are honored to give back to UVA to support the research efforts that made his treatment possible.

Read more in Investing in Hope. 


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