Keith Keene, PhD, and UVA Researchers Use Precision Medicine to Address Public Health Equity

July 18, 2023 by

Keith Keene

Keith Keene, PhD (photo by Coe Sweet)

How can UVA scholars and scientists use precision medicine tools, like epigenetics and bioinformatics, to further public health equity? This is a question Keith Keene, PhD, director of the School of Medicine’s new Center for Health Equity and Precision Public Health (CHEPPH) is hoping to answer. In a recent article in Pulse magazine, author Katherine Ludwig shares how UVA researchers like Dr. Keene are investigating the interplay among biological, social, and environmental health disparities in Virginia.

Applying precision medicine to further public health equity is a primary focus of UVA Health’s 2023-2032 strategic plan priority “Cultivating Healthy Communities and Belonging for All.” It also aligns with the Grand Challenge Research Investment in Precision Medicine/Health under the University of Virginia’s 2030 ‘Great and Good’ strategic plan, which asks researchers to consider: “How can we use the tools of precision health to improve outcomes and reduce disparities for communities and populations?”

Breakthrough research using leading-edge techniques like precision medicine to facilitate better outcomes for patients, while providing equitable opportunity for all Virginians and beyond is “a job worth doing and doing well,” according to Dr. Keene.

Support from philanthropic donors helps make transformative and pioneering research research like Dr. Keene is conducting at the CHEPPH possible. Contact Chrissy Gibbons, UVA Director of Development for Research Departments and Centers, if you would like to learn more.

Read more in Pulse magazine.

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