SOM Faculty Interviewed for article in The Daily Progress About Increased Childhood Obesity Rates During COVID

September 29, 2022 by

Cate Varney, Jamie Zoellner, and Marc DeBoer

Cate Varney, DO, Jamie Zoellner, PhD, and Marc DeBoer, MD

Doctors, nutritionists, and researchers are concerned childhood obesity may have increased during the pandemic due to factors such as less activity and socializing, increased screen time, and depression and anxiety. They are waiting for data from the Virginia Youth Survey which is available soon, to determine the extent of this potential health crisis. In The Daily Progress article “Obesity toll for kids and teens in Virginia grew during COVID,” UVA School of Medicine Faculty weigh in on the problem of childhood obesity. Faculty interviewed for the article include Catherine W. Varney, DO, Jamie Zoellner, PhD, RD and Marc DeBoer, MD.

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