Jim Daniero, MD, and Don Griffin, PhD, Discuss Regenerating Vocal Cords and Airways with Novel Biomaterials

May 1, 2024 by

Biomedical Frontiers graphic with Drs. Daniero and Griffin

The human voice box is a delicate, complex and highly specialized structure that enables the fine control and wondrous beauty of speech and song. When vocal cords are damaged, recovery and healing are difficult and lengthy. At UVA, James Daniero, MD, established the Interdisciplinary Voice and Swallowing Clinic, specializing in surgeries of the airways and the vocal cords. He met Donald Griffin, PhD, professor of biomedical engineering, and together they developed a plan to design new materials to rebuild tissue and accelerate wound healing in the airway and vocal cords. Together, they are laying down the groundwork for a first, in-human clinical trial for vocal cord reconstruction.

In this episode of Biomedical Frontiers, researchers discuss how biomaterials are engineered for tissue scaffolding in unique environments within our bodies and how these entrepreneurial professors are solving challenges inside and outside the research lab. Dr. Griffin and Dr. Daniero are exploring applications of biomaterial scaffolds for applications in cleft palate and intubation injuries, providing scaffolds for the patient’s own tissue to regrow naturally and permanently.

Biomedical Frontiers: Stories with Innovators in Healthcare is produced by UVA’s Coulter Center with the mission of fostering and advancing translational research projects that benefit human health.

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