Diane Pappas, MD, JD, Interviewed on NPR’s Morning Edition About Home Cold Remedies

December 6, 2023 by

UVA's Diane Pappas, MD, JD

Diane Pappas, MD, JD

Diane Pappas, MD, JD, a professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of General Pediatrics, was interviewed for NPR’s Morning Edition about home remedies for the common cold. In cold and flu season, many turn to home remedies such as tea, ginger, and hot soup. From Eastern Europe, there’s gogl-mogl — a milk/yolk/honey concoction.

Dr. Pappas researches cough management in children. According to her, there’s no solid evidence that honey does a whole lot for a cough. However, calories and warm fluids always help. With the gogl-mogl, as long as the egg is fully cooked and you’re not giving honey to infants it’s fine. While she can’t ethically prescribe placebos, the placebo effect can play a role in all sorts of things people take hoping to feel better.

Listen to the full story on NPR.

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