Chris Holstege, MD, Featured in More Than 120 News Outlets Nationally

June 18, 2024 by

Chris Holstege, MD

Chris Holstege, MD

Chris Holstege, MD, was featured in more than 120 news outlets nationally – including U.S. News & World Report – discussing the growing severity of calls to U.S. poison centers. Dr. Holstege is a professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics, chief of the division of medical toxicology, executive director of the Elson Student Health Center, and director of the Blue Ridge Poison Center.

A recent study by researchers at UVA reveals a concerning trend: poison control centers across America are receiving more calls related to both intentional and unintentional poisonings resulting in severe outcomes, including disability or death. The report also highlights an escalation in the severity of cases involving children. “As a society, we should be concerned at these trends pertaining to children,” Dr. Holstege said. “We need to collaboratively strategize on better delineating the root causes for such severe cases of pediatric poisonings, especially in the realms of mental health and substance use and misuse.”

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