Welcome, Dr. Barrett Zlotoff!

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Barbara Wilson, MD, Associate Professor of Dermatology Chair and Residency Program Associate Director of the Department of Dermatology, shares exciting news:

Q: What news would you like to share about the Department of Dermatology?

A: We are very excited to welcome Dr. Barrett Zlotoff to the team. This will be the first time we’ve had a pediatric dermatologist since our inception in 1926! We see many pediatric patients but we have never had a dermatologist that specializes in pediatrics.

Dr. Zlotoff comes to us from the University of New Mexico, where he is the co-director of the vascular lesion clinic and the section head of tele-dermatology. He has extensive experience in laser treatment and will be treating vascular lesions in children at here UVA.


Q: What’s your vision for Dr. Zlotoff’s future and what that means for the department?

A: I hope to expand our Pediatric Dermatology Practice.

We would like to become a multi-specialty vascular lesion clinic for complicated hemangiomas and port wine stains and other vascular problems. We would like to build the laser program, as well. Dr. Zlotoff is interested in treating pigmented lesions and tattoos with a laser.

Another goal is to become more active in teledermatology, the delivery of dermatologic services and clinical information using telecommunications technology. This is an up-and-coming field and will be a big part of the future.

Dr. Zlotoff plans to meet the surrounding area pediatricians and family physicians. He would like to speak at medical meetings or Grand Rounds when possible.


Q: What do you feel is the most exciting part of your program/project?

A: We see over 20,000 patients a year between four dermatologists and one surgeon. Ten percent of those patients are children. For me, the most exciting part is the expertise of treating children with rare conditions and knowing the best way to manage them. Dr. Zlotoff has an expertise that we’ve never had before and I am excited to have someone with that training on our team. He is also an excellent teacher and will become an important part of the teaching of our dermatology residents. My hope is that he will become a teacher for the pediatric residents, as well.


Q: When will we meet Dr. Zlotoff?

He starts on the first of October. He will be in clinic in the Battle Building once a week and will see children and adults in the Department of Dermatology in the Primary Care Building the remainder of the week.


Meet Dr. Zlotoff!
“The UVA Dermatology and Pediatric departments are well known and respected nationwide. Working across departments to increase access to specialized pediatric dermatological care, we aim to create a regional center for inpatient and outpatient pediatric dermatology. I am so excited to join the faculty at UVA in providing excellent pediatric dermatologic services to the families of Virginia and the surrounding areas!”


Dr. Barrett Zlotoff – Demonstrating good sun protection in New Mexico









Welcome to the team, Dr. Zlotoff!


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