Together In the Service of Children

November 13, 2015 by

Karin League NataroJ

As I entered the Battle Building the other day, I stopped to look at the beautiful art, and I thought: we work within the University of Virginia Children’s Hospital, the sole provider of specialty children’s services for a very large geographic area. We are proud of what we do, and I am sure all of us think we do this well. As we draw nearer to the Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for such a beautiful facility and for the expertise of those who work here.

Being a children’s hospital means that all of us labor together, and nearly all of us exclusively, in the service of children and their families. It means that our facilities are designed for children and their families; our services are focused on children and their families; taking care of kids is our passion. Our pride in our work and our shared commitment to excellence are as strong as they are anywhere. If there is an area where we diverge from free-standing children’s hospitals, it is in the cohesion that develops when we are the exclusive occupants of an independent building. Those of us who had the privilege of working at the KCRC know this spirit well. But perhaps that is more of mind than of matter?

In the Battle Building, we come together every day in a beautiful setting, decorated lovingly with children in mind. The Building was designed in concert with pediatricians. The building is run by pediatric nurses and doctors. The building has been decorated by volunteers from our community with their time, creativity, and love for the kids. We are surrounded by the same energy that pervades the biggest of children’s hospitals. Anywhere. We are all one team, with a noble goal.

Next time you enter the Battle Building, please stop and look around you. Think for a moment of the very many whose sole intention is to make and keep kids healthy. As we appreciate our beautiful environment, let’s also appreciate each other.

Thanks so much for all you give,
Karin and Jim

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