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DeBoer and Scharf Study Recognized


Please congratulate Dr. Mark DeBoer and Dr. Rebecca Scharf for the national recognition of their study presented at PAS: DeBoer M, Peck T, and Scharf R. Viewing as Little as…

Patient Praise 1-26-15


Enjoy these comments the Health System has received from patients and families! We were very pleased at the amount of time and patience Dr. Anderson showed. She interacted well with…

Dr. Mark DeBoer: 2013 Robert J. Roberts Award Winner


The 2013 Robert J. Roberts Award Winner is Mark D. DeBoer, MD, MSc, MCR. You all know that Mark is an outstanding clinician, teacher and researcher, and a highly deserving…

Patient Praise 9-23-13


Enjoy these comments received by the UVAHS from patients and families! PICU nurses were very gracious and their care management was wonderful, especially Mrs. Painter and Matt. The PICU care…

Publication: Drs. DeBoer and Scharf


Check out this article about the link between obesity and preschoolers drinking sugary drinks. The research paper was written by Dr. DeBoer and Dr. Scharf and was recently published in…