Santa Brings Holiday Cheer to the NICU

December 31, 2021 by

by Dr. Rob Sinkin

Santa visits the NICU The continuing pandemic again failed to keep Santa and Mrs. Claus from visiting the NICU and bringing good cheer and elevating the spirits of families and staff alike. Dr. Rob Sinkin reprised his role as Santa as he has done for the past 37 years, 16 of them in Charlottesville. Naomi Rademeyer, RN, suited up again as Mrs. Claus. Unfortunately, their supporting cast of characters including several elves, Frosty the Snowman, and a Christmas tree needed to forgo the festivities due to space constraints in the midst of the COVID crisis.

The event, held on December 15th, was an opportunity to have the babies in the NICU outfitted in a festive, seasonal attire for their picture with the Claus couple who were dutifully masked for a contactless photo shoot. This annual event offers those families who so desire a chance to experience a touch of normalcy, taking the place of a visit to the mall which for so many is an annual ritual for their loved ones, memorialized in a souvenir picture. The photographer, Carrie Coleman, again volunteered her time and talents for choosing the right shot to be shared with the family. Thanks also go out to Jon, Ashley, Kathleen, Lexi and many other folks for arranging consent with the families, dressing up the kids and lifting up the spirits of all in attendance.


NICU triplets in Ho, Ho, Ho onsies  Santa and Mrs. Claus with a patient A patient dressed in a Santa suit

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